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Wanderer – Ausstellung · 2. Dezember 2023–17. Februar 2024 (Film)

(© Film: Peter Hoffmann, Musik: Denis Pavlov)

Schmits, Wiesenstraße 23a, 58452 Witten

Artificial intelligence draws on existing data, images, formulations and thought processes. It is able to generate surprisingly complex results in a very short time. With the help of new image processes, 3D printing, photos, videos, written or spoken texts, AI can penetrate and shape the world. AI can also increasingly simulate human characteristics such as emotions, spontaneity and willpower. It can be argued that AI has lightning-fast, almost superhuman knowledge. However, it lacks free will as well as moral and ethical judgment. AI knows neither fear nor doubt and does not have the ability to critically self-reflect and revise its own thoughts and actions. Since there is no unconscious in AI, it cannot dream in multiple layers or become creative in the human sense. Unless it has been programmed to simulate this perfectly. What challenges and opportunities do artists see in dealing with AI? What do they expect from it? What new, previously unthinkable aesthetic experiences can be made with AI? And what insights can be gained for art and life in an increasingly complex reality?

Peter Hoffmann uses AI (artificial intelligence) software to create archaic-looking, shamanistic motifs. These motifs are converted into control commands for a drawing robot. The robot draws this with various pens (ballpoint pens, gel and felt-tip pens, etc.) on natural carrier materials (wood, paper, etc.). By choosing this technique, the artist almost completely withdraws from the artistic process. He becomes the decision-maker and observer. In this position, he moves to the level of the pure observer.
Here the artist comes to the limits of himself with the question:
What am I doing?
What is this?
Where does it come from? – The other reality.
The artist as mediator between the worlds.